Harbor Group International LLC Acquires Ladora Modern Apartments and The Prospector Modern Apartments

Harbor Group International LLC has recently made a significant acquisition in the real estate market. The company has purchased Ladora Modern Apartments located at 18500 E. 61st Ave. in Denver, as well as The Prospector Modern Apartments at 3360 Esker Circle in Castle Rock. These two properties combined offer a total of 434 units, and the deal was closed at a whopping price of $132.5 million. The previous owner of these properties was The Garrett Companies.

The deal was brokered by a team of professionals from CBRE, including Terrance Hunt, Shane Ozment, Andy Hellman, and Justin Hunt, who represented the seller during the transaction. This acquisition can be seen as a strategic move by Harbor Group International LLC to expand its presence in the Denver and Castle Rock areas.

The acquisition of Ladora Modern Apartments and The Prospector Modern Apartments is a testament to Harbor Group International LLC’s strong presence in the real estate market and its commitment to investing in high-quality properties. These apartments offer a range of amenities and are situated in convenient locations, making them attractive options for potential tenants.

With this acquisition, Harbor Group International LLC is poised to further strengthen its position in the Denver and Castle Rock real estate markets. The company continues to actively seek out opportunities for growth and investment in the industry.

Overall, this acquisition marks an important milestone for Harbor Group International LLC and highlights the company’s dedication to providing top-notch properties for residents in Denver and Castle Rock.

Harbor Group International LLCは不動産市場で重要な買収を行いました。同社はDenverの18500 E. 61st AveにあるLadora Modern Apartmentsと、Castle Rockの3360 Esker CircleにあるThe Prospector Modern Apartmentsを購入しました。これらの2つの物件は合計で434のユニットを提供し、この取引は1億3,250万ドルという驚異的な価格で成立しました。これらの物件の前のオーナーはThe Garrett Companiesでした。

この取引は、Terrance Hunt、Shane Ozment、Andy Hellman、Justin HuntらCBREのプロフェッショナルチームが売り手の代理を務め、Harbor Group International LLCがDenverとCastle Rock地域で存在感を拡大する戦略的な動きと見なすことができます。

Ladora Modern ApartmentsとThe Prospector Modern Apartmentsの取得は、Harbor Group International LLCの不動産市場での強力な存在と、高品質な物件に投資することへの取り組みを証明しています。これらのアパートはさまざまな設備を提供し、便利な場所に位置しているため、潜在的な入居者にとって魅力的な選択肢となっています。

この買収により、Harbor Group International LLCはDenverとCastle Rockの不動産市場での地位をさらに強化することが期待されます。同社は業界の成長と投資の機会を積極的に追求し続けています。

全体的に、この買収はHarbor Group International LLCにとって重要な節目となり、DenverとCastle Rockの住民に優れた物件を提供するという同社の取り組みを強調しています。