NAI Sullivan Group: A New Era of Growth and Innovation

Oklahoma City – NAI Sullivan Group, an Oklahoma City-based commercial real estate firm, has recently undergone a transformative shift in ownership. As of January 1, 2024, five dynamic brokers, all aged 40 and under, have taken ownership of the company. This change marks a new era for NAI Sullivan Group, injecting fresh energy and innovation into the brand.

The new directors, Sam Swanson and David Hartnack, have wasted no time in revamping the company’s structure. They have welcomed Amir Shams, Nathan Wilson, and Zac McQueen as partners, creating a strategic vision that allows for prospective partners to join in the firm’s success. With this new collective leadership, NAI Sullivan Group is poised for a dynamic renewal, solidifying its position as a trusted provider of commercial real estate services in Oklahoma.

These new leaders bring a wealth of experience and market knowledge to the table. Swanson, Hartnack, and Wilson specialize in retail shopping centers and restaurants, while Shams and McQueen focus on industrial properties such as warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities. Their shared vision includes modernizing marketing campaigns, recruiting top industry producers, and expanding the firm’s services beyond brokerage.

“We are honored to take the reins and build upon the strong foundation of the NAI brand to grow our firm’s legacy across the region,” expressed Swanson. “The strategic shift will bring a multitude of opportunities to our clients and experienced brokers interested in joining our forward momentum.”

Not only is NAI Sullivan Group changing ownership, but the firm also invites experienced brokers to explore career opportunities within the organization. With a competitive commission structure and the chance to earn bonuses and become a partner, NAI Sullivan Group offers a platform for brokers to thrive.

As the transition unfolds, NAI Sullivan Group remains committed to providing top-notch real estate solutions. Leveraging its local expertise and global network through its membership in NAI Global, which boasts over 300 offices worldwide, the firm is poised to continue delivering optimal results for its clients.

Embracing growth and innovation, NAI Sullivan Group is entering a new chapter filled with promise, setting the stage for a bright future in the world of commercial real estate in Oklahoma.

オクラホマシティ – オクラホマシティに拠点を置く商業不動産会社であるNAIサリバン・グループは、最近、所有権において変革的な転換を遂げました。2024年1月1日現在、40歳以下の5人のダイナミックなブローカーが会社の所有権を取得しました。この変化により、NAIサリバン・グループは新たな時代を迎え、ブランドに新たなエネルギーと革新を注入しています。







Key Terms:
– NAI Sullivan Group: NAIサリバン・グループ
– ownership: 所有権
– brokers: ブローカー
– commercial real estate: 商業不動産
– transformative shift: 変革的な転換
– partners: パートナー
– collective leadership: 共同リーダーシップ
– retail shopping centers: 小売ショッピングセンター
– restaurants: レストラン
– industrial properties: 産業用不動産
– warehouses: 倉庫
– distribution centers: 流通センター
– manufacturing facilities: 製造施設
– marketing campaigns: マーケティングキャンペーン
– brokerage: 仲介業務
– commission structure: 手数料構造
– career opportunities: キャリアチャンス
– real estate solutions: 不動産ソリューション
– membership: メンバーシップ
– optimal results: 最適な結果
– growth and innovation: 成長と革新
– bright future: 明るい未来

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