Regional U.S. Banking Stocks Plummet Amid Concerns About Commercial Real Estate Loans

Regional U.S. banking stocks experienced a significant decline on Thursday following the unexpected quarterly loss announced by New York Community Bancorp (NYCB). This latest development has ignited fears of potential risks in the commercial real estate (CRE) sector that could have broader implications for the industry.

NYCB’s stock plummeted by approximately 15% to a low of $5.51, dragging down other regional banks with it. While some stocks recovered slightly later in the trading day, Western Alliance (WAL) recorded a decline of as much as 13%, while Valley National Bancorp. (VLY) and Zions Bancorp (ZION) shares dropped by more than 11.8% and approximately 9.8%, respectively. Additionally, East West Bancorp (EWBC) and M&T Bank (MTB) experienced losses of around 7% before a minor rebound. The SPDR S&P Regional Banking ETF (KRE), which provides a broad overview of the sector, reached its lowest point with a 6.3% dip.

The concerning aspect revolves around NYCB’s commercial real estate loans. As the parent company of Flagstar Bank, one of the country’s largest regional banks, NYCB reported a dismal quarter largely attributed to the acquisition of $40 billion in assets, including $13 billion worth of loans, from the failed Signature Bank.

Market analysts express anxiety that commercial real estate loans might act as a catalyst for another potential financial crisis. A report by Capital Economics suggests that the U.S. CRE market may witness further distress due to weak economic growth and high interest rates. Wedbush Securities points out that NYCB’s earnings release could trigger a “potential repricing of risk” in commercial loans. In contrast, analysts at Bank of America adopt a more optimistic stance, stating that although the stock’s recovery may take time, the current price reflects the increased uncertainty tied to credit quality.

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NYCBの株価は約15%下落し、5.51ドルの安値を記録し、他の地域銀行も引きずり降ろされました。一部の株は後場に少し回復しましたが、ウェスタン・アライアンス(WAL)は最大13%の下落を記録し、バレーナショナルバンコープ(VLY)とザイオンズバンコープ(ZION)の株価はそれぞれ11.8%以上と約9.8%下落しました。さらに、イーストウェストバンコープ(EWBC)とM&Tバンク(MTB)は、一時的な回復前に約7%の損失を経験しました。セクター全体を広く概観するSPDR S&P Regional Banking ETF(KRE)は、6.3%の下落で最低点に達しました。


市場アナリストは、商業不動産ローンが別の金融危機の引き金となる可能性があり、懸念を表明しています。Capital Economicsのレポートによれば、米国のCRE市場は経済成長の鈍さと高金利により、さらなる悲惨さを目撃する可能性があります。Wedbush Securitiesは、NYCBの決算発表が商業ローンの「リスクの再評価」を引き起こす可能性があると指摘しています。一方、Bank of Americaのアナリストは、現在の株価が信用の品質に関連する不確実性の増加を反映しているとし、回復には時間がかかるかもしれないが、より楽観的な立場を取っています。

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– Regional U.S. banking stocks:地域的な米国の銀行株式
– Commercial real estate (CRE) sector:商業不動産セクター
– NYCB:ニューヨークコミュニティバンコープ
– Quarterly loss:四半期損失
– Western Alliance (WAL):ウェスタン・アライアンス
– Valley National Bancorp. (VLY):バレーナショナルバンコープ
– Zions Bancorp (ZION):ザイオンズバンコープ
– East West Bancorp (EWBC):イーストウェストバンコープ
– M&T Bank (MTB):M&Tバンク
– SPDR S&P Regional Banking ETF (KRE):SPDR S&P Regional Banking ETF(KRE)
– Commercial real estate loans:商業不動産ローン
– Credit quality:信用の品質