University Hospitals Wellness Campus in Mentor, Ohio Finds New Owner

The University Hospitals Wellness Campus, located at 8655 Market St. in Mentor, Ohio, has recently been sold, according to official records from Lake County. The seller was represented in the transaction by CBRE U.S. Healthcare Capital Markets.

Lake Health, which is a part of the University Hospitals Health Systems, currently occupies the entire facility. University Hospitals had a ground lease agreement with the previous owner. However, in August of last year, the Mentor University Hospitals Urgent Care clinic relocated to a new location on Center St.

The facility, completed in 2017, is a two-story building covering a total of 85,977 square feet. It serves as a Class A outpatient clinic offering various services such as physical therapy, sports medicine, urgent care, primary care, integrative medicine, cardiology, pain management, orthopedics, imaging, and a clinical laboratory.

Situated on an 8.8-acre campus with access to U.S. Route 2, the property is located 25 miles southeast of downtown Cleveland. Other medical facilities in the area include Lake Ambulatory Care Center, UH Mentor Hopkins Health Center, Erieside Medical Group, and University Hospitals Urgent Care Mentor.

The CBRE team responsible for the deal included Vice Chairman & Managing Director Chris Bodnar, Senior Vice President Zack Holderman, Senior Director Trent Jemmett, Vice President Cole Reethof, and Vice President Jesse Greshin.

In recent times, there has been a notable increase in the sale of primarily medical office buildings in the Cleveland-Akron market. Over the span of January 2023 to January 2024, four other properties, totaling approximately 80,000 square feet, changed ownership. Despite the challenges faced by the commercial real estate industry in the past year, investor interest in outpatient clinics remains strong due to the sector’s specialized nature.

米オハイオ州メンターにあるセントラルソフト病院ウェルネスキャンパスが最近売却されたことが、レイク郡の公式記録から明らかになりました。売り手はCBRE U.S. Healthcare Capital Marketsによって取引されました。



この施設は、米国ルート2号にアクセスできる広さ8.8エーカーのキャンパス内に位置し、ダウンタウンクリーブランドから南東25マイルに位置しています。周辺には他にもレイクアンブラトリケアセンター、UHメンターホプキンスヘルスセンター、Erieside Medical Group、メンター大学病院緊急ケアがあります。



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